​Exportation of Goods

This is a process of taking goods and services from Uganda to a foreign country.

BENEFITS.pngWhy Export your Goods outside Uganda

  1. The exporter can improve his/her cash flow through the claim of a refund of money spent on packing materials, e.g., boxes, Gunny bags.
  2. The exporter can also claim back money paid as VAT, during the production process of the exported goods.
  3. All exports do not pay taxes except; Unprocessed hides and skin, Fish, and unprocessed tobacco.

1 CAUTION.pngCaution

  • A taxpayer who wishes to re-export their goods to another country, should note that income earned from the re-exported goods is taxable and should be declared during filing of their returns to avoid penalties and or interest.
  • The exporter/re-exporter has to be registered with a Taxpayer Identification Number.
  • Please note that all goods manufactured for export must be labeled ‘produced for export’.
  • Remember before packaging your goods for export consult with Uganda Export Promotion Board to get more information on Eco-labeling, finding buyers for your goods, open account trading, how prices are determined internationally and much more.
  • The exporter is required to appoint a customs agent to transact on their behalf.
  • The exporter is required to obtain an export license from the Uganda Export Promotions Board.
  • The exporter must secure the services of a licensed transporter( where applicable).

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