​​Alteration of Customs Documents

This is where the taxpayer changes incorrect information on an entry to the correct information, e.g., change of value of items from $ 1000 to $ 1200.

BENEFITS.pngWhy do you need to make Customs Amendments and Alterations?

  1. This process can change your tax position that is; using the correct tax rates for example from 25% to 0% import duty or correcting any other wrong input on a declaration.
  2. It saves you time by transacting in the shortest time possible in case of any error in the entries, i.e, it prevents a repeat of the whole clearance process if it that mistake is noticed at the end of the process.
  3. The process saves you from inconveniences of dealing with unpaid customs tax arrears.
  4. The process enables you to save money that would arise from future post clearance audits.
  5. Avoidance of audit queries and penalties.
  1 CAUTION.pngCaution
  • The taxpayer should have the necessary documents to support the declaration.
  • The amendment is done on the entry itself according to the box that needs to be amended.
  • An entry will become inactive in the ASYCUDA world system after 21 days, so an amendment is recommended before expiry of its life span.
  • The agent is mandated to update the taxpayer on the status of the entry in the ASYCUDA world system.

Types of Customs Amendments:

Amendment of Customs Declaration

Amendment of Manifests

Cancellation of Declared Customs Entries

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