Stamp Duty

Stamp duty is a duty payable on every document that confers any right or liability upon being created, transferred, limited, extended, extinguished or recorded.

These documents are referred to as instruments and they are listed in the stamp duty Act as amended and the duty rates specified therein. Under this functionality the user shall be able to find information on the different stamp duty types that will enable them to legalise any document within the government of Uganda.

BENEFITS.pngWhy do you need to legalise your documents

  1. It makes the document admissible as evidence in the courts of law hence legal and binding.
  2. The stamp duty service provides security of any property document presented since your interests are protected under the stamp duty law.
  3. It makes some documents honourable whenever they are presented to the public and private.
  4. Stamp duty services enhance your decision-making process for any transaction since declarations are processed faster.

1 CAUTION.pngCaution

  • Stamp duty is supposed to be paid on all instruments executed or received in Uganda under the stamps act as amended.
  • The duty is payable on all instruments received in Uganda within 30 days.
  • The stamp duty rates have either fixed or ad valorem rates.
  • Instruments that are not stamped as per the law are not enforceable and so inadmissible in commercial courts of law as evidence.
  • An extra copy of an instrument is charged 15000.
  • TIN is mandatory for declaration of an instrument whose value is 50 million and above.
  • Transactions that involve several instruments, the primary instrument will always be that one with the highest duty and the rest will hold a uniform value.
  • When the instrument declared attracts a percentage rate, one will have to go to URA service offices to be assessed.
  • Any act with the intent to defraud the government is criminal and punishable as provided for under sections 69 to 76 of the stamps act cap 342.

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