​​Payment Registration

This is the process of generating a payment slip by the taxpayer to effect all URA administered payments for tax and non-tax purposes.  

BENEFITS.pngWhy would you make a payment registration

  1. It enables the taxpayer to effect all URA taxes such as Income Tax, VAT, and duties such as Stamp Duty, Customs Duties among others.

Please Note:

  • You may register a payment at your convenience, one does not need to go to a URA service centre.
  • You are free to select a payment option of your choice from the list provided on the URA web portal.
  • ​You can correct any error in the payment details by printing another payslip using the re-registration functionality.
  • You can register and make a payment even if you do not have a TIN.
  • You can make instalment payments for a tax liability ‘But’ you must agree with your tax office on the Installment payments. 

1 CAUTION.pngCaution

  • URA payments do not include bank charges.
  • Effective November 2019, there will be 3 payment tabs. When you select “other Payment Option” You will be able to pay at any bank or use any mode. The PRN has been freed to ease payment​
  • The client can only register a payment for a single item at a time
  • On registering a payment, a copy of the slip is always sent to the registered email of the client.
  • One does not need a URA bank account number to make a payment.
  • All payments must be done in Uganda shillings any other currency should be converted using the URA exchange rate as provided on the URA web portal.
  • Payment should be tagged to a particular item, e.g Tax head, NTR transaction, ONTR among others and Taxpayer.
  • The figure put in the field of the amount should neither have commas nor decimals.
  • A payment registration number once generated is valid for 21 days​
  • Where a TIN is used when registering a payment, the client must confirm the details auto-populated in the different fields belonging to that TIN.​

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