​Motor vehicle process

This is a process of  allocating of a unique identification number to a particular motor vehicle. This applies to vehicles imported into and within Uganda.

BENEFITS.pngWhy do you need to register your Motor Vehicle ?

  1. A motor vehicle user can easily claim ownership of their own vehicle or be the title owner since owner details are captured first time on entry of vehicle details in the URA system.
  2. The process facilitates acquisition of number plates and registration book for the motor vehicle.
  3. Easy access to a loan policy from the bank
  4. Easy track of ownership in case of loss of the registration book.
  5. Easy transfer of the motor vehicle.
  6. One can easily search their motor vehicle details.

1 CAUTION.pngCaution

  • Possession and use of a motor vehicle without Registration is prohibited.
  • A taxpayer must make sure that all the motor vehicle taxes are paid.
  • All motor vehicles, trailers or engineering plants are classified into different tax categories.
  • All vehicles are subject to an inspection to confirm details.
  • All temporary importation of vehicles for a period of one year is limited to expatriates, transfer of staff to a neighboring country, vehicles belonging to construction companies.
  • Returning residents who have owned their vehicle for more than one year are exempted from taxes.
  • Every Motor vehicle importer is required to appoint a clearing Agent.
  • URA is not liable to any fraudulent practice/ actions committed by the appointed Agent. 

Conditions for Motor vehicle registration
Motor Vehicle should be:

  • Legally imported into the country from the country of origin.
  • Fit for the purpose for which it is intended to be used.
  • All relevant duties should have been paid.
  • All other legal documents should have been provided.
  • The vehicle should be legally exported from the country of origin.
  • The importer of the vehicle or motor cycle, must have a Tax Identification Number (TIN).

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