Amendment of Tax Returns

This is the process that is undertaken by the taxpayer to improve data that was previously submitted in their original return to the URA web portal for tax purposes

Benefits of Amending of your Tax Returns

  • The taxpayer is in a better position to correct an error that was not administered in the original return.
  • The taxpayer can easily add any relevant information that was missing in their original return.
  • The platform safeguards the taxpayer from penalties that may arise out of under-declaration in the original return.
  1. A taxpayer cannot amend a return after an assessment has been generated against them for that period.
  2. A taxpayer can amend a provisional return any time until the end of that particular year.
  3. Always submit necessary physical documents with relevant attachments to selected service Centre to avoid delays and inconveniences.
To amend your returns, kindly click here to get a step by step guide​