Amendment of TIN Registration Details

This is the process where a taxpayer makes changes to the details previously provided to URA during the registration process. Amendments apply to both individuals and Non-individuals;

  • An individual is a natural person;
  • Non- individuals refer to Limited Companies, Partnerships, Trusts, Estates, Local Governments, Government agencies/projects and Non Government Organisations.

There are two types of amendments;

  1. Manual amendments; These apply to a person who cannot access the email address provided to URA during the TIN registration process.
  2. Online amendments; This applies to the rest of the amendment types.
Why You Need to Update Your Account Details

It enables URA to maintain accurate and correct details that are used to provide you with timely information related to your account.

  1. URA is not liable for any monies paid for services indicated as free.
  2. Always submit necessary physical documents with relevant attachments to selected service Centre to avoid delays and inconveniences.
  3. The email address provided on the amendment application form is the one on which URA will send any communication.
  4. URA is not liable for any fraudulent activities that may arise from:-
    • Sharing your email address and password with other parties.
    • Providing an email address that does not belong to you.

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