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Licensing C/Agents

This is a process where URA Customs legalizes the operations of clearing and forwarding firms to transact business on behalf of the taxpayers. An Agent is a mediator between URA and the external business fraternity (exports and imports). ‚ÄčLicensing of Customs Agents

Customs Clearing Agent Registration
a)   After all the licensing requirements have been dealt with, a list for activation of the agent in ASYCUDA is sent from Commisioner Custom's Office on Mail to Supervisor Client Support Customs Systems and Procedures.
b)   Staff in Customs Systems and Procedures(CSP) proceed with the rights registration of the agents to grant them access to the system.

Customs Clearing Agent Deactivation

There are many reasons why an agent can be deactivated from the system and their access rights to the system are withdrawn temporarily or permanently.

a)   Upon request from other URA offices for different compliance reasons.
b)   System auto suspensions for Delayed assessments that have not been paid within the 21 days.
c)    Miss-use of the system by the clearing agents.
d)   Enforcement cases on the clearing agents.

For the agent to be suspend for either of the above reasons, it can come as a memo/Letter on the Customs Help Tool under the classification of suspension of declarant, it can be a physical letter brought to office and addressed to Manager CSP, who will assign an officer to effect the suspension or deactivation of the declarant.

Customs Clearing Agent Reactivation
a)   If the deactivation was automatic by the system, the moment the agent responds to the issue on the system the system puts them back on automatically.
b)   If the suspension was initiated by an office, then a communication to reactivate the declarant must be given from the initiator using any means available, help tool, memo, or a letter.

Disclaimer: This catalogue is only a guide and should not be substituted for the Tax Laws, Rules and Guidelines. Always refer/consult the appropriate Tax Laws