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Transfer of Motor Vehicle

​This is a process where a taxpayer changes ownership of a vehicle on the URA web portal. This process involves changing the already registered names for a motor vehicle to another name. This can be as a result of a sale, gift, Court Orders, Police instructions, etc.

Please Note:

  • The transfer of ownership from a private (personal) to another person, number plates should not change.
  • In case a corporation enjoys duty-free status and decides to sell any of their vehicles to a private person, then the duty-free status ceases and taxes, as mentioned earlier,​​ must be paid before transfer.  However, the corporations with duty-free status are free to sell to fellow corporations with similar status and maintain the number plate but should inform the Ministry of Finance.
  • For a vehicle whose importer went into an agreement with Customs and Head Legal department of URA for part-payments, no transfer can be effected without completing the dues. In such a situation, there is usually an agreement duly signed by all concerned parties for the amount to be paid in instalments and time period allowed.
  • For vehicles with personalized number plates, the vehicle number plates are not transferable. The vehicle has to be re-registered and given new numbers and Number plates should be surrendered before a transfer is affected.
  • For transfers from a minor, authority from the High Court judge is necessary.
  • Where letters of administration exist, the transfer should first be made to the beneficiary.

Returning Residents

  • These vehicles can be transferred at the expiry of two years. In case it is less than two years, advise the taxpayer to get a clearing agent and pay taxes.
  • For specialized vehicles e.g. refrigerated trucks where the purpose has changed, taxes must be paid. 

A guide on how to transfer a Motor vehicle​

Disclaimer: This catalogue is only a guide and should not be substituted for the Tax Laws, Rules and Guidelines. Always refer/consult the appropriate Tax Laws