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First time Motor Vehicle Registration

​This is a process where a taxpayer declares their motor vehicle details for the first time on the URA web portal. This process applies to ALL vehicles imported into Uganda.

 Please Note: ​Capturing vehicles of over 5 years and equal to or less than 10 years

  • The user shall enter or capture the correct HS Code that is​​ not for used - Currently used to clear new vehicles.
  • ​The user shall then capture all the remaining particulars in the declaration correctly including capturing the motor vehicle registration form.
  • ​The user shall open the valuation note to enter the value information.
  • ​The user shall enter the AGE of the vehicle that is over 5 years and equal or less than 10 years in the box against supplementary value 1 line for AGE and YEAR OF MANUFACTURE.
  • ​Only figures greater than 5 and equal to or less than 10 shall be entered in the box above.
  • ​The user shall capture the information as required for supplementary value 2.
  • ​​Once the declaration has been properly completed, the user should expect the surcharge in this category to be calculatede and properly added on the summary of the declaration.

Disclaimer: This catalogue is only a guide and should not be substituted for the Tax Laws, Rules and Guidelines. Always refer/consult the appropriate Tax Laws