Clearance of Goods in Transit

This is the process where goods destined to another country are declared to URA at the entry border point to enable facilitation of the goods to move through Uganda to the destination country.

BENEFITS.pngBenefits of Clearance of goods in Transit
  1. Goods are monitored every step hence no costly delays.
  2. In case of accidents while in transit, goods are moved quickly to another vessel hence no delays thus saving time and costs that the taxpayer would have incurred.
  3. Goods can be monitored in real time so importers can track their goods and how far they have reached.
  4. Security is provided for the goods in transit in case of any robbery or hijack, since they are tracked, they can be rescued immediately in case of such a scenario.
1 CAUTION.pngCaution to clearance of Goods in Transit
  1. The clearing agent must execute an insurance bond for goods in transit before they can be cleared by URA to proceed through the Uganda.
  2. Goods are supposed to move through Uganda with in the period specified on the transit form (T1).
  3. Good must be kept in a transit hub/shed at the border point during the process of verification and authorisation.
  4. The seal placed on the cargo compartment of the truck carrying the consignment should never be tampered with. Where the seal has been tampered with, the goods will be withheld (seized) by URA and this is an offence.
  5. Cargo that does not conform to any of the set transit Process and regulations shall be seized, offence reports raised and forwarded for offence management, that is,
    • Where the seals, marks and numbers do not tally with the transit declaration, a query will be raised to the Agent and directed to the holding area.
    • Where the seals, marks and numbers are tampered with, your goods will be seized and an offence will be raised.

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